Simply Sara

How do you follow your dreams
when they pull you in different directions?

Eighteen-year-old Sara Burkholder ran away from her Amish home with a single hope: to one day find a future in fashion design. As she lands a part-time job, buys English clothes, wears makeup, and learns to drive, Sara begins the journey to becoming the person she might have been had she not been born into an Amish family.

But as she works towards her goals, she faces questions she cannot answer. Can a Plain-raised girl ever fit into an English world? What’s going on with William Blythe, the coworker whom she can’t seem to figure out? Will she ever see her family again?

When Sara’s world falls apart, she faces a critical decision. Will the faith she was raised with supply the courage she needs to follow her heart?

What’s a quilt-making, fashion-loving, formerly Amish girl to do when a new way of life starts to change her?

From the Author: This was the first book that really, truly, kicked my hiney. Sara's voice was very different from Jayne's, which meant that it was very different from mine.  I also had a hard time figuring out exactly how to shape the story.  I was months behind when I finally confessed to my agent the pickle I was in. "You don't have a synopsis," she said.  This was true.  I hated writing synopses.  But learning to write them saved me, and I figured out what methods worked for me, methods I could use on future projects.  I still wrote most of Sara in three months in a crazy write-fest, but in the process I fell in love with Will and Sara's story. It's probably one of my favorite romances that I've written!

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