A Table by the Window Discussion Questions

1. As the book opens, Juliette realizes that her life is in a rut. How do you think she got there? Have you ever felt that way?

2. When Juliette finds the photo, her first instinct is to keep it a secret. Why do you think she did? What would you do if you found a clue to a family secret?

3. As time passes, Juliette finds that Neil is the person in her life she can confide in most, despite the fact that they’ve not met in person. Why do you think she shares with him more easily than her friends and family?

4. On the surface, Adrian seems like the kind of guy Juliette is looking for. Why do you think Juliette’s not interested?

5. As Mireille’s story unfolds, we learn that she was even better at keeping secrets than Juliette. Why do you think she kept her secret? And why did she also keep the evidence?

6. Between her two sisters, Juliette share camaraderie with Caterina and conflict with Sophie. Do you think it’s easier to get along with people who are more similar to you or more different?

7. When her mother is in crisis, Juliette makes risotto to show her mother love. What do you do when your loved ones are going through a difficult season?

8. As her feelings for Neil deepen, Juliette begins to panic. How do you think her relationship with √Čric influences her feelings about the relationship?

9. After the tasting dinner, Adrian apologizes to Juliette. Do you think Juliette’s opinion of him changed? Did yours?

10. In France, Juliette decides to take charge of her life. Do you think she’ll be successful? What parts of the mystery are you most looking forward to discovering in the next book?