Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jane of Austin - The Playlist!

Want to experience the music of Jane of Austin? I've put together a Spotify playlist with the songs and bands mentioned in the book, songs they listened to on their road trip, and music they might have heard at SxSW. Give it a listen - you might find some old favorites and make new discoveries! Click below to enjoy. 

Which songs do you enjoy? Which ones would you add? Share in the comments!


  1. oh this is AWESOME!! my sister, knowing my love of all things Austen, saw this on a recent trip to the book store, and as I still needed my fiction book to buy for that trip, I bought it on a whim. Have started it and am LOVING it!!!
    Do you have any plans to make any more books like it/in the series? for the other Austen books? bc I will totally be buying them if those are in the works!

    1. Hey! I'm thrilled you found Jane! I've got a lot of projects in the hopper at the moment, but one of them is another adaptation. Stay tuned!

    2. whoop whoop! best news ever!! I definitely will!!!


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