Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Housekeeping, House Selling

So! It's been a while. So let's breeze through some things -

Results of the Sparkle Horse Giveaway of 2016? Becca Peterson is our winner! She didn't find a horse, but she did find a sparkle elephant! Congrats to Becca!

Other fun finds included this sparkle longhorn head, discovered by Monica, which is a thing I'm sure several of you have been looking for -

And Lis found this sparkle lion in Virginia!

Thank you all for your patience (since it took, you know, a very long time). But I have a very good reason for that - we're moving! Not just moving, but moving from Vancouver, WA (suburb just north of Portland) to Memphis, Tennessee! (Or a suburb nearby...).

Danny's job is based out of Memphis (he's been working from home and travelling back when necessary), and we've both spent a fair amount of time there. It's a giant change, but we're excited!

It's been a super busy summer getting the house ready to put onto the market, and yesterday we were able to do just that -

The website for the house is here, and you can see photos, maps, and other listing details. If you know anyone in the area who's in the midst of house hunting? Please pass it on!

What else?

The Olympics? That was fun. Netflix original programming? My heart was wrung into pieces by Stranger Things, as well as the audiobooks by Joshilyn Jackson I've been listening to while working on the house.

What else??

I don't know. I don't remember a time when I wasn't working on the house. Working on the house and working on Jane of Austin, which is coming along and awesome.

And there WILL be a newsletter going out in the next day or two, and it's possibly going to be the best one yet! If you haven't subscribed yet, click here.

So - what did you do this summer?

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