Saturday, July 23, 2016

The #SparkleHorseHunt2016 Book Giveaway

The Story: During a perfectly routine stroll through Homegoods with a friend, we turned a corner and stumbled upon this glorious beast.

My friend Liz, being awesome and posing so you can see how huge that thing is. 

Feast your eyes upon him, all ye who dare! At six-feet, this mirrored horse instantly topped our list of craziest things spotted. While I decided not to take him home (retailing, as he did, at $2,999.99), I did buy a selection of throw pillows and posted my photo of the horse to Facebook. Where, of course, became an instant internet sensation.

For a while, it seemed as thought it might be a fleeting event. AND THEN. And then mystery writer Halee Matthews spotted its twin - in Washington D.C.

Naturally, this spurred all kinds of thoughts.

As the days have gone by, questions still linger. How many are there? Well, folks - let's try to find out!

#SparkleHorseHunt2016 Book Giveaway

The Task: Do you have a life size sparkle horse at a Homegoods near you? Make a visit and see what you see! Trust me - you can't miss it. 

Alternate Task - Don't have a sparkly horse - or a Homegoods? Visit a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, or Tuesday Morning location (Costco, if you're desperate), and photograph the weirdest thing you can find. Oversized office chair covered in an American Flag print fabric? Perfect. Footrest shaped like a soccer ball? Yes. 

Next, share your pic on my Facebook author page with the hashtag #SparkleHorseHunt2016. You can also share on Twitter or Instagram, just be sure to tag me and use the hashtag. 

The Prize: One copy of any of my books (click here to check out the options).

The Timeline: I'll accept entries until midnight on Sunday the 31st - that means you've got two weekends to go looking for a Sparkle Horse of your very own.

**Update!! Because I only just sent out my newsletter, I'm extending it another week. Take until August 7th to share your findings!**

The Fine Print: One entry per person; should you choose to share multiple images for the enjoyment of all, that's great - just know that it won't increase your chances. Same if you share the same picture across social media platforms. This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Homegoods. 

The Fun Part: Stop by my Facebook page to see the entries and pick your favorites! And maybe - just maybe - we'll get an idea of how many giant Sparkle Horses might be spread across America!

**Update!! At least one person had trouble posting to my author page. If that's you too, just use the hashtag to make your image searchable. Email or tag me to let me know that you've shared, too!**

****Second Update! I fixed the posting thing. Carry on!****

I have since returned and gotten the hug photo I wish
I'd taken in the first place!

Can't wait to see what you find!


  1. Love it!! Did you get my picture??

  2. Are you going to show the finds???

  3. I post a picture like you told me to do do me to do, but I have never seen it or never heard anything else about it. Who won?

    1. Hi, ecpdi88! You should be able to see your picture on my facebook author page, and yes, you were entered in the random drawing! While another winner was chosen, you can still read about the results - and what kept me busy this summer - in the following blog post -

      Thanks for entering!


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