Thursday, October 8, 2015

Out of the Box

Hi friends!

I didn't mean for the blog to go dark through September, but that is (clearly) how it shook out. We made an offer on a house on my mom's birthday - August 5th, had it accepted on the 6th, and closed on the 11th of September. Danny and his older brother moved the heavy furniture over the weekend of the 18th, and we moved most everything else the weekend after.

We spent the next week making trips back and forth (about an hour each way, in traffic) to finish packing and some fairly intensive cleaning of our rental townhouse.

Those keys we happily relinquished on Sunday - we are now all in.

Cluttered, unpacked - but in.

Up next: I need to finish Together at the Table. Did some plotting with Katie Ganshert and Melissa Tagg, and let me tell you - I've got a slam-bang finish cooked up for you (high-fives if you recognize that movie quote).

Also, I'm teaching at Oregon Christian Writers' Fall One-Day Conference on the 17th. We'll be talking about character building! So if you write and you're within reasonable driving distance of PDX, swing by!

While I've been unpacking and cleaning, I've also been catching up with the new slate of Fall TV programming.

Doctor Who is at the top of the list with a bit of a character rewrite for the Doctor - much needed after last season. We've also started The Grinder and Quantico, as well as returned to Brooklyn 99. Not keeping up as much with Project Runway as I have in the past - even though the original iteration is leagues higher quality than All Stars, last season of All Stars broke me. So I'm periodically checking in with it, but forgetting to do so more often than not.

But really Doctor Who is quite interesting this season. One of these days I'll write a proper post about Who, but I have some boxes to unpack in the meantime.

I'm also reading Antoine Laurain's The Red Notebook, not quite into it yet? Book recommendations much appreciated!

What are you watching, reading, and eating these days? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ummm it makes me happy that I'm not the only one whose blog has been at rest lately. :)

    Also, you have my undying gratitude for introducing me to The Grinder. I hope it keeps up with the high precedent the premier set.

  2. I am also enjoying the new season of Doctor Who - I think it's started very strong. I have been reading some Shakespeare - Hamlet and The Comedy of Errors. Been eating lots of soup (been sick), but my Blue Apron box arrived tonight, so I'll be cooking soon! :)


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