Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Breeze

Does it feel like this summer is breezing by for you? It feels like it to me!

First, I'm working my way through book three of the Two Blue Doors series, Together at the Table. Not unlike it's predecessors, it's wiggly and squirmy and has thoughts. Yes, I do realize I described Shiloh as a puppy (really, Shiloh now).

Don't get me wrong - I think you guys will love it. But every time I try tackling it from a new spot, it slips around and insists on a different angle, a new approach. But it's getting there! And it's so swoony. I can't say that enough.

The closer I get to a deadline, the more I go looking for new music to enjoy while I work. Lately, I'm enjoying Vance Joy, Kodaline, and Melody Gardot.

We've had a few opportunities to get outside and enjoy the weather - this coastal hike in particular - but mostly it's been a working summer.

Secondly, I got to fly down to California to chat with the ladies at Walnut Creek Presbyterian. So much fun! I made Tarissa's Peach Cornbread and the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (for sixty, mind you), and they were so good!

Triple batch of cookie dough! Amazed that all but
the chips fit into the KitchenAid.
What else? We've been house shopping. I KNOW. It was something I was hoping we could put off longer, but plans shifted and we started looking for a home to call our own. Now, if you're not familiar with the area, the housing market in Portland is a contact sport. Several homes we've looked at have moved within hours.

It's exhausting - but also often funny. We've seen homes with ghastly color palettes (forest green carpet, metallic tangerine walls, purple walls, aqua walls - yes, that was all the same house. Same room, actually.), bathrooms with the toilet separated by swinging saloon doors, and a home with a freestanding, plug-in sauna in one of the guest rooms.

But there's time.

The month of August holds more adventures - and a few surprises. Stay tuned!

What about you? What's kept you moving this summer?

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