Saturday, February 21, 2015

Catchy is as Catchy Does

So I shared this on my Facebook wall the other day, and the delightful Rachel McMillan has been complaining ever since that she's had the song stuck in her head.

I mean...there are worse things, because it's a legitimately good song. But since she's suffering, you know, I'm offering up some likewise solid yet ear-worm-y songs -

1. Let Me Be Your Star - the song that convinced us to watch Smash for entirely too long -

2. Zou Bissou, Bissou - Mad Men brought this French nonsense song back into the collective consciousness, where it stayed for a month. 

3. Defying Gravity - the ultimate singing-in-the-shower song.

4. Gravity - on the same topic, one of my very favorite Eurovision songs - 

5. Let it Go - You know this list is incomplete without this song.

6. I Want You Back - as choreographed by Baby Groot.

Those are the songs that came to my mind - which ones would you add?


  1. LOL the main thing this post made me think is "Holy crap, why am I not watching Lord of the Rings RIGHT NOW?" Or "Guardians of the Galaxy." Now I'm having epic "I don't know which I want to watch more!" indecision angst.

    But as for songs that get stuck in my head, I weirdly have the national anthem in my head ALL. THE. TIME. Patriotic, apparently.

    1. That's so funny about the national anthem! Let me know how the LOTR vs. GOTG debate shakes out. Personally, I'd add Mulan to the list ;-)


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