Friday, September 20, 2013

Time Travel what I'm going to go with. I was prancing around (what movie was it where the guy said, "I seldom prance?), thinking I was going to blog more regularly when the first book was done, and yet, it's not mid-September and I think we can say no, no that did not happen.

I've started four blogs, but nothing's gotten off the ground in a real and true and meaningful way.

(Okay - I had to Google it. The line is from Aaron Sorkin's The American President. That was bothering me.)

Anywho, we moved...kind of. I don't feel right with a past-tense verb because it's not over. But in early August, we moved our personal belongings and excess stuff into storage and in with a generous family member, leaving the house staged in such a pristine state that I will hold on to those pictures forever.

Getting out of the house was hard, ugly work, ending with me sobbing as I vacuumed the dining room rug - not because I was getting emotional over leaving the house, but because when I was done, I had to move on to the living room rug, and my poor psyche just couldn't take it.

(Also? That vacuum was the worst.)

  But we got out, and we moved in with a generous family member, and a few days later we flew to Atlanta for a cousin's wedding and a bit of sight-seeing.

And then we flew back to Portland and began to settle in a teeny bit more, at which point we celebrated my birthday (though we did drive south to the Oregon Gardens) with some Saint Cupcake cupcakes.

Let's see...what else? Oh right - edits. The book got a front-to-back overhaul, which was a lot of work but it's much better looking. I just got the copy edits back too, so it's getting nice and shiny.

Did I mention the house is pending sale? In fact yes - we're pending, which means we'll be moving the last of our things our of the house (mainly furniture and decor, and the things in the bathroom drawers that I just couldn't deal with anymore). But we did secure a cute little townhouse in Portland, so yay!

And Portland? It's dreamy. And rainy. And delightful.

To close: here's a montage of Shiloh in the bath -

So that was my month-and-a-half - what were you up to?

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