Friday, September 20, 2013

Time Travel what I'm going to go with. I was prancing around (what movie was it where the guy said, "I seldom prance?), thinking I was going to blog more regularly when the first book was done, and yet, it's not mid-September and I think we can say no, no that did not happen.

I've started four blogs, but nothing's gotten off the ground in a real and true and meaningful way.

(Okay - I had to Google it. The line is from Aaron Sorkin's The American President. That was bothering me.)

Anywho, we moved...kind of. I don't feel right with a past-tense verb because it's not over. But in early August, we moved our personal belongings and excess stuff into storage and in with a generous family member, leaving the house staged in such a pristine state that I will hold on to those pictures forever.