Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Stretch!

You know that part in Star Wars when that one guy is "almost there"...until (if I remember correctly), he gets blown up in his TIE fighter by Darth Vader?

Anyway, that's where I'm at in the book. Almost there. Literally typing the end. I DESPAIRED OF THIS DAY EVER COMING. I do not anticipate being blown up by a sith lord, though, literally or metaphorically.

Well, because it had to come, it needed to come, I've continued hiatus-ing from the blog, because the book and the blog could not coexist.

In the meantime, here's a photo of Shiloh with his moose. I recently repaired that very antler.

It's been a crazy spring, because Danny's been studying for the PE exam (Professional Engineer, for the uninitiated. It means he'll be able to stamp things and testify in court on matters relating to engineering. Danny's more excited for the stamping than the testifying, naturally). He's been studying hard, I've been nose deep in book, and the house is looking more and more like a cave these days. I will not describe to you the state of our fridge last week; just go ahead and feel superior.  The studying is nearly over, though - Danny sits for the test tomorrow (!!) in Spokane, and then we'll enjoy a short getaway after.

And then I'll finish the book, and then...

...I'll start the second one.

As one does.


  1. Vader was in a TIE fighter. The rebellion guy was in an X-Wing. Right? Did that guy even die? Didn't he get a shot off and it didn't work? Did he die after that? ... It has officially been too long since I've seen those movies.

  2. (And congratulations on being in The Final Stages!)


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