Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Something Had to Give

Dear Readers -

As you might have noticed, the blog's been collecting dust bunnies lately. Working on this book, I've found I haven't been able to write, take care of life, and blog at the same time. In the past I was able to blog and write at the same time, but in the past I didn't have this guy -

- who can be a handful. There have also been quite a few other things going on, making keeping up with posts more difficult than usual.

With the Oscars coming up (February 24th!!), I have thoughts to share, and we'll get to those at some point. Robbie Iobst and I will be doing a round-up of the nominees pre-Oscars, and I'll be doing another Oscar fashions post after the big day.

I've also got a recipe post that's been mostly done for a while...trouble is, I've kind of misplaced the data card with the photos on it.

All that to say, there will be blog posts someday. Until then, I'm occasionally tweeting (occasionally on the subject of The Bachelor, that fertile ground for reflection and comedy) and posting on Facebook from time to time (most recently - character name changes is a hot topic).



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