Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sundry (mostly about the dog. A little about writing, but mostly about the dog).

Things are pretty quiet around here. It's nice. After SO much travel and change, getting into a boring home routine is kinda great.

We've got family coming up next week - so the quiet part will change - and a wee bit of travel to Bellingham in the near future, but until then it's nice to enjoy the house and the less-wigged-out dog.

Speaking of, Tesla is loving life right now. When she's not spending time in elegant repose (and bear with me as ALL of these photos were taken with my phone)...

...she enjoys chasing her ball in the backyard.

Tongue hanging out, tail up, ears flopped kind of loving. I know - not wildly original, but still new to her. We've only had a fence since winter (Danny finished putting it up in the snow) and now that the weather isn't freezing or consistently blustery (to the tune of 30 mph winds), we can go out and chuck the ball around for her.

She likes a walk as much as any other dog, but she'll fuss and whine to go outside to play ball. And when she's run for a while and worked up some thirst, she'll stop and drink from her handy-dandy snow shovel.

Yes, she has an actual outdoor water dish. But it doesn't have a built in ball holder! This version is so much better. She can drop her ball into one side and know that it won't rolls away while she'd drinking.

This makes perfect sense to me. What doesn't make perfect sense is this:

Lo, the hole.

(When I took this picture, I didn't realize her nose was in it. But the nose makes it that much better).  She digs from time to time. She loves digging around the sprinkler heads, and digging after the trash the builders left behind. I get that. What I don't get is that she decided to dig through the (new) layer of river  rock, through the (new) weed cloth, and continue for another six inches.

I don't know why. I find myself admiring her fortitude while being perplexed at the same time.

Oh well. At least she was happy. As a dog prone to anxiety, crankiness, and sudden mood swings (she is a girl, after all), it's nice when she's happy.

In other news, still no news to report on the publishing front. Friends, family, and readers (three overlapping groups, to be sure) will frequently ask for news, but truly - there's nothing much to tell. I'm still in the submit-proposal-wait-by-phone stage for the time being.

However, I've finally gotten through the really thorny setup part of the book and able to move on. This is nice - writing and rewriting the first four chapters gets old. But they're finally in a good place, and the characterizations are working, and everyone who needed new names has new names, and life is good. I'm really loving the project and the fact that the topics involved are things I'm interested in, and yet there are also things for me to learn.

I've got a really fantastic lentil recipe to post, but I'm waiting until I have pictures. I have pictures of the uncooked lentils, but the soup itself is so ugly that I've put off photographing it. I'm hoping that with a dollop of yogurt and a dusting of lime zest, it'll pretty up a bit...

...but it's seriously the ugliest yummy food I can remember eating. So we'll see how goes :-)

Well that's what we're up to this spring - playing with the dog, working on the house, cooking lentils and writing books about imaginary people. What are you up to?

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