Monday, March 12, 2012

The Spring Thing

I am usually not much a fan of Springing Forward. Every year, I whine and complain about why we still have Daylight Savings and why do they want to take a precious hour of sleep away from meeeeeee???

Like I said, not my fave.

(I do not, however, have these feelings in the fall).

However, now that we live in a more northerly location, it gets dark. Way dark. Dark by 3:45 in the winter kind of dark, which is really pretty depressing. I know there are far darker locations (say, Alaska), but after a dimly-lit winter, when a friend of mine mentioned we'd have an extra hour of light soon -

- it was the best news, ever! Like getting a birthday gift on a day that is nowhere near your birthday, just for being alive. Losing an hour was a completely fair trade - I would give two for the extra daylight.

One way to get through Daylight Savings, without the sleep-deprivation-angst, is to help your husband move five tons of river rock. It actually works really well.  By the time we were done last night, it felt hours later than the actual time, rather than and hour earlier. Mission accomplished.

Terribly excited about that rock, though. One of the joys of a new-build house is having basically no landscaping whatsoever. Last fall we seeded the backyard (the front had sod) and put cement curbing around the edge. But the grass came in really thin in places - and thick in others, partly because the sprinkler system turned out to not actually be going off.

Which was a problem.

So we've wintered with thin grass, open vats of dust/dirt on either side of the patio, and dirt/dust/weeds on the other side of the curbing.  Let's just say it was prettiest when it was covered up with snow.

Danny picked up river rock on Friday afternoon, and Saturday and Sunday we hauled it off the trailer, wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load (with breaks for Danny to pump the tire back up, as it tended to go flat quite often), and dumping it onto the weed cloth-prepped areas. And honestly, the yard looks SO much better! There's more work to be done before we can move on to fun things - like plants - but the yard is off to a great start.

Tesla also thinks the yard is pretty great - in particular, the weed cloth.  We left the unopened rolls outside on the patio, which she discovered is shaped rather like a giant dog toy. There was much joyful leaping and running with the roll of weed cloth until I stepped outside to retrieve it.

So that was our weekend - how did you handle the loss of an hour?


  1. Let's dog started snoring...and when I woke up it was still dark outside. I thought it was around 5 a.m....and it was more like 6:45 a.m. :) :) No worries, since I didn't have anywhere to be today...but I did lose some sleep. Although when I look at my dog's extra cute face, it's hard to stay mad for long :) :)

    What will you use the river rock for? Friends of mine built their own home too, and used loads and loads of rock for a gravel path. Turned out AWESOME...but a boatload of work :) :)

    When I lived in NOrway, it got dark by 4 p.m...pitch black dark. I went through tealight candles like a thirsty man in a dry dessert :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. We use river rock as a ground cover here, rather than bark or mulch. Anything lighter will completely blow away - it gets VERY windy.

    Tea lights! I should buy more - it's not blazing in the evenings (or during the day, most days), so some candles would be perfect. Good call!

  3. We moved this weekend. By new 9:30 last night, I was DEFINITELY ready for bed. HOWEVER, at new 5:30 this morning, I was NOT ready to get up. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I hate driving to work in the dark.

  4. But you're in the magic HOUSE!!!!!! So excited about that :-)

  5. I didn't lose an hour. *smiles smugly* I love my life... ;)

  6. Smugedy smug smug! (That's all I've got)

  7. Wow, that would seem so weird to me-darkeness at 3ish! Well wish you much more daylight. Come on down, we'll share!


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