Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 2012 Oscar Red Carpet Gown-a-pol-ooza

I had so much fun researching the guild awards and events leading up to the Oscars that I thought it would be fun to review the fashions of the red carpet. Since fashion is ultimately objective and I love a good second opinion, I asked my Mom, Ruyle, and my sister, Susannah, to join me. Ruyle has a special place in her heart for Starbucks, snowmen, quotable movies, kindergarteners and Belknap Springs in winter. She is the happy mom to her three kids, and admits that we do keep her (and my dad) amused on a regular basis. Which means we have succeeded. Susannah is a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. She enjoys all things movie and music related. Susannah especially holds dear the entire Gilmore Girls Canon, and will always find a time to quote it whenever she can. So - let's dive in!

Jessica Chastain, McQueen
Hillary: Chastain Redemption! After an awards season that has been cluttered with Gowns That Should Never Have Been (I'm not even going to link to pictures because several of the truly ought not to have been), Chastain pulls out this little McQueen number, and the world breathes a sigh of relief.

Ruyle:  I love it!

Susannah:The dress compliments her hair and really flatters her in all the right places.  She went for simplicity with earrings and a few bracelets, and I applaud her for that.  My only wish is to have seen those shoes, personally I think some strappy black stilettos would have been perfect.

Rooney Mara, Givenchy

Hillary: It’ eyelids. And it doesn’t fit her. And...eyelids.

Ruyle:  At least the eyelids are *happy*  (come on,like the cartoon faces!)

Susannah: I can appreciate what Mara was trying to do. I think it fits her quite well, I love the skirt, but yes the “eyelids” are a to put it simply-unnecessary.
Hillary: I mean, at least it’s not black, you know? I just wish she’d found a seamstress to tailor the bodice, and asked Monsieur Givenchy to sew down the dixie cups. Or something. I like it from the waist down, though.

Octavia Spencer, Tadashi Shoji
Hillary: Octavia is awesome. She can dress herself beautifully, something women half her size can have trouble with. She looks like a million bucks, she deserved the win. I want her to take Christina Hendricks shopping - Christina would go home with clothes that FIT, and they’d have a great time.

Ruyle:  Octavia nailed it here.  Excellent idea to send her shopping with Christina!

Susannah: What I love about this is that it is so flattering on her, and all the lines hit her in all the right places, plus she keeps it light on the accessories letting the dress make the major statement.  Only concern was when she went up to receive her Oscar, she literally wobbled..., but you know what?  I’ll overlook it :)

Emma Stone, Giambatista Valli

Hillary: Oh Emma, the bow.  It takes away your neck. It blocks your airways. It’s the size of your head. It looks like something Nicole Kidman wore once.  I wish you had worn this instead. Or this.  Something that doesn’t look like it could be a hiding place for Voldermort.

Ruyle:  Again, five minutes with a seam ripper and VOILA!

Hillary: No joke! Also, a stronger lip color. I think there needs to be someone at the Oscars, hiding in the restrooms, who removes superfluous dress details. It’s for the greater good.

Danny: The Greater Good.”

Ruyle:  Pick Me! Pick Me!

Susannah: This dress could have been absolutely perfect without the bow because it looks like she will be swallowed whole by it, and honestly it looks to me as if she needs more support in the bust area.  Other than that, her accessorizing was tasteful and the clutch was very nice, and her hair has the perfect updo.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The 2012 Oscar Blog

The Oscars are Sunday, Billy Crystal is back, James Franco should be nowhere near the telecast, and all is right in the world.  Let's do this thing!

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role: Jean Dujardin, The Artist.

George is favored, but Jean Dujardin is French, funny, charming and handsome - the quadruple threat.  He won the SAG award, giving him an edge over Clooney. Maybe he'll win, maybe he won't, but I think he's got a solid shot at an "upset."

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Vow: Or, What Not To Do If Your Spouse Has Amnesia


I really had hopes that The Vow might actually be a mid-grade romance, but it steers very quickly into the dippy end of the pool.

Which is sad because the romance and chick flick genres have been near nonexistent lately. What happened? In the days of old, there were releases like While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail, 13 Going on 30, The Lake House, Sleepless in Seattle, The Notebook, Return to Me, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and second-tier rom-coms like Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Sweet Home Alabama, Just Like Heaven, Kate and Leopold, and even the third-tier-but-still-watchable Serendipity, Leap Year, The Proposal, and Music & Lyrics.

(Okay - I know a lot of people who would argue a second-tier slot for Proposal, but there were plot holes the size of Alaska in that movie.  Please do not ask me to describe them.)

The best chick flick I've watched in the last year? WAS NOT AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE FILM. I say this not as a slam against foreign-language films (which I enjoy much), but as a statement about how the country that produced It Happened One Night and An Affair To Remember has lost its touch.

What do we have instead? The Twilight franchise. And now, The Vow.

If you need a roadmap for how to deal with a spouse who cannot remember your Great Love, do not look to The Vow. It will not help you.

The basic premise: Paige and Leo are in Love.  They've been married for four years, and they're still honeymooning it.  Flashbacks show us their wedding vows, which sound like they were written by screenwriters People who are Seriously in Love.  They are truly MFEO.

And then there's a car accident.

Beware: Spoilers ahead. If you don't want to know what happens, stop here. Turn back. Otherwise, read on.  Because this is where it gets funny. And dippy.