Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Sparkly Shoes Blog

I've been looking for sparkly shoes lately - sparkly shoes for less than $30.  Thing is, I couldn't find any that weren't:

a.) Open toed (too cold)

b.) Too tall (I'm already two inches shy of six feet. I don't need a 4.5 inch platform, thank you much. I'm going to church, not to Vegas.)

c.) Too expensive (though I found the perfect pair... for $149 plus tax.)

Yesterday morning, I *literally* woke up with one thought in my head - could I make sparkly shoes?

I asked my husband. Had to ask twice, actually, because I kept mumbling (first thought, you know). He thought the chances were pretty good.

When I was awake, I poked around online. I found this (rather adorable) video, which was a good start, followed by this excellent post. I used the Dainty Squid's method of mixing the glitter with the Mod Podge, using heels instead of flats and spending a long time taping up the edges before starting.

$16.99 Payless Heels
 I put on four coats, followed by a final topcoat.

Tesla, waiting for me to finish so I could come play.

Honestly, I couldn't be more pleased. Because I mixed the glitter with the Mod Podge, they don't shed at all - every bit of glitter is sealed up. I didn't even get through half of the $5 bottle of Martha Stewart glitter (in Hematite), either. The next time I do this (and there will be a next time), I'm looking forward to using another Martha glitter - the extra fine texture and sophisticated color really make the shoes special.

So there's my Christmas project - what are you working on?


  1. These are so cute! If I asked my husband if I could make sparkly shoes, I would have to ask twice too. Men's brains and the word "sparkly" just don't connect as fast as us girls ;)

  2. They really do look fantastic! I've seen tutorials on how to "fancy-up" your shoes, but never tried. Love your shoes! Isn't it great when you wake up with such an amazing idea that is actually do-able?!

  3. Whoa, those are awesome! I'm majorly not crafty, so the idea of doing this freaks me out, lol. But I hope you'll show pictures of your next pair! I'll live vicariously. :)

  4. Even I, who have no sense about shoes (ask Janell), have to say those look great. I haven't been doing anything crafty, just getting ready to leave (shots - small pox vaccines are kind of nasty - appointments, signatures on forms...) and hanging out with Mom and exploring all the cool STUFF I get for my 'trip' (including an 'Are you my mummy?' moment). Got a Kindle for Christmas so at least I can take all the books I want with me. :D Sad to say I haven't seen the Dr Who Christmas special yet. But I did buy season five...


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