Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spies and Shower Tools

It's not like I'm stuck on the Russian Spy issue...except that I am, and it just keeps getting better. My mom pointed out to me this afternoon that the article I read yesterday (and included in the blog post earlier) and the one in the newspaper were not the same, and the second included a wonderful quote.

"Jessie Gugigi, 15, said she could not believe the charges, especially against Cynthia Murphy, who was an accomplished gardener.

'They couldn't have been spies,' Gugigi said. 'Look what she did with the hydrangeas.'"

The second bit of happiness for the day was the discovery of this at Target.

Some call it a loofah. Others - a "Shower Tool." I call it "marketing." What do you think?


  1. Okay...the first about how they can't be spies because those hydrangeas look great..that's funny. She hasn't watched "Little Nikita" obviously...

    Oh that loofah thing...yikes, that's painful to look at...sorry, Hillary...I would never buy that...I'd spend all my money on yarn or something..!!!! ;:) :) :)

  2. A spy and a good gardener? i didn't know those talents were mutually exclusive.

    It seems if you want to get interesting quotes just go to the neighbors. :)


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