Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Red-Nosed Herald Angels Sing it Twice

I've wanted those refrigerator word magnets for years. Last week, my mom gave me a set of them, all snippets of popular Christmas songs. Here are some of my favorite rearrangements:

Jack Frost walking our reindeer

Deck the halls with chestnuts on the first day of jingle bells

Making a list and checking your nose
Mommy gave to me the nose

(there's a lot of noses in secular Christmas music. Just noticed)

'Tis the season
we don a partridge in a
very shiny town but
Christmas in a pear tree
is coming
to find out who's gonna be

Santa Claus is frightful

The red-nosed herald angels sing it twice

I saw a one horse open sleigh dashing through a Winter Wonderland

Rudolph nipping at boughs of holly

and my personal favorite:

kissing my true love is nice
he's so delightful
since we've
got no place to go
let it snow
And now I'm totally hooked on word magnets, this was so much fun!

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  1. Aww, I have those word magnets, but Christmas carol magnets sound like they'd be a lot more fun! You've made some good ones there!


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