Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cough Drops and Tow Trucks

Whether the illness that Danny and I are suffering from is what I had last week or a fresh incarnation - hard to say. Either way, our throats hurt and I decided that I needed some of the heavyweight cough drops, the kind that make you forget you had a throat in the first place.

Danny agreed to come with me.

On the way, I told Danny about how the brake and battery lights had been coming on for the last couple days. He figured it was probably alternator-related, decided we'd take it to our favorite car electrician tomorrow.

Went to Albertson's. Bought cough drops. Went out to car. It's dead in the water.

We call Danny's brother. Isaac and I push the car, car starts. Car runs while we chat for a moment...

Car dies.

Re-push car. Run out of space. Push car in the opposite direction. Nothing. Jump Start car, car starts. We say good-bye to Isaac, pull out of the lot, I shift gears...

Car dies.

Call Isaac back. Try to jump car again. A red wire attached to the negative lead of Isaac's car inspires Danny to attach the wrong cable...sparks...damage...and our car isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Twenty minutes later, the happy tow truck man comes. If Santa were a tow truck driver, he would be this man. With mutton-chops.

Car's at the shop. We have cough drops. And we're not going to take the truck anywhere tonight.

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