Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I know. I'm sorry. My blogs have been down lately, but in all fairness, let's recap the last month:

July 3-9: Out of town on Anniversary trip with Danny, both Silverton and Black Butte

July 11: Attended baby shower

July 11-12: In-laws visiting

July 12: Threw bridal shower

July 17: Picked up Plain Jayne galleys for edits

July 17-22: Finish electronic changes to manuscript

July 23: Make hard-copy changes to entire manuscript.

July 24: Finalize hard-copy changes, email edit inserts to editor, drive finished product to Harvest.

July 25: Pick up Brother-in-Law in Corvallis; photograph Geoff's bachelor party

July 26: Teach Sunday School. Drive BIL back to Corvy, assist in the purchase of mounting equipment for his new/our old window A/C unit.

July 27: Drive up to OCW at 7:20am; return home 9:30pm.

July 28-29: Prepare to leave for Canada/Geoff's Wedding

July 30: Depart for Calgary, then drive to Three Hills. Rejoice that it's much, MUCH cooler outside.

I really ought to be packing, but it's hot. Really hot. And yes, we have A/C, but only for the north side of the apartment. The south side is about 15 degrees warmer, and behind the office door, 25.

Trouble is, the things to pack are mainly over north; the suitcase is south. We've had some late nights lately, mainly because it's fairly late before the concept of moving around sounds like a good idea. Tonight may be another one of those nights.

Suddenly feeling better about not posting regularly. Time flies when you don't hold still.

P.S. Posted on Yes, mine is the zombie one.

P.S.S. The basil is still alive, by the way. A little toasty from hanging in my car between errands (I was dropping to off at my grandma's not showing it the sights), but otherwise very healthy.


  1. You photographed your BROTHER'S *BACHELOR* party?!

  2. Yes - he helped photograph mine, remember? His pics are on facebook, btw. They're pretty great :-)


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