Thursday, June 18, 2009

New thoughts on Amish Fiction

So. After enjoying several posts on the completely terrific Stuff White Christians Like blog, I started thinking.

There are some who find the content on the SWCL blog offensive. I'm sad for them; they have no sense of humor (ironically, they probably like Adam Sandler). Nobody likes white Christians. We are not hip. We are not politically correct. No one wants to see a white Christian on TV, at least not a white out-of-the-closet Christian, talking about Christian things.

All we have left is to make fun of ourselves. Not like it's hard.

Well, let's think of something else White Christians like - Amish Fiction. And see, I used to think it was about security, about knowing nothing truly awful was going to happen in an Amish book, about the soothing setting of the Amish kitchen.

Now I think it's all about white Christian un-hipness. Because when you look at it, Amish people are less hip than white Christians. I mean, they don't get to drive American-made cars. They don't even have an opportunity to argue about whether to call the sanctuary a sanctuary or a fellowship hall, because most Amish attend church in each other's homes.

White Christians love Amish fiction because it makes them feel hip by comparison.


  1. Hi, Hillary--Missy sent me your blog. Congrats on Plain Jayne! I'm delighted to know there really is such a thing as Amish fiction. I thought it was a joke at first. But then, that's what I thought when I heard about the Pride and Prejudice/Zombie mashup. Silly moi. Cheers and good luck with the next one! -- ajabine (at)

  2. Thanks for the link to our site, and the commentary.

    Like you, the two authors of our little blog are amazed at the number of people who view the venn diagram of "faith" and "humor" to be a null set. Can't we be BOTH committed to our faith AND laugh about ourselves?

    Hope to see you back often!

  3. Angie - believe me, my editors WISH Amish fiction was a joke. They're all tired of it :-)

    Luther - you're welcome, and thanks for braving the criticism. I've passed your site on to others, who have been clicking their heals in glee.


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