Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've avoided mp3 players. To me, they're overhyped, overpriced USB drives with a headphone jack. We're swimming in charge cords anyway, so I never felt much like inviting another electronic into the fold.

Well, everything's changed. Kind of.

Around Christmas I desperately wanted to get Danny something gadgety, since I was already giving him a box of yarn (for a sweater I have yet to complete for him) and a dress shirt. I knew he'd liked the idea of using his phone as a music player, so I bought him the appropriate hardware.

Months later, that phone got crunched in the car door and got replaced. The new phone came with its own memory card - since Danny already had one, I inherited it. It's been in my phone for a month now, just sitting there, chatting it up with my SIM card. Until yesterday.

I wanted to get more exercise. I needed to be able to go walk and do it myself, on my own schedule. The trouble with that is I prefer to take someone to entertain me, having a famously short attention span. No, nature alone doesn't do it for me.

So I put a couple Imago Dei sermons onto the card. Instantly, I'm enjoying my walk and all of the ramifications are piling up.

I could listen to this thing at the grocery store. I could put chapters of a book on CD on, and listen to it while I push a cart around. It could revolutionize my attitudes concerning grocery shopping and long strings of errands that usually leave me lifeless and distraught at the end.

The mind reels.

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