Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open Season

The Golden Globe nominees were announced today, which means only one thing:

Oscar Season Approach-eth.

With that bit of joy in mind, I though I would repost last year's post-Oscar blog to get us all in the mood....

Me, Myself, and the Oscars (In Case You Were Wondering) (Orig. Post date 2/29/08)

I love the Oscars.

I know I shouldn't. I'm supposed to be all about the BAFTAs, or the Independent Spirit Awards, or whatever, because the Oscars are a commercialized popularity contest.

So accept it and move on. They're still fun. I've watched every year since I was sixteen, when American Beauty won, like, everything. But I was hooked. Still am. When else are you going to see Kristin Chenowith singing with a Jamaican drummer and a Bavarian-clad backup?

This year was a little (okay, a lot) more thrown together, considering that the writers have only been on speaker terms with ABC for a short while. In my pre-game speculation, I hoped this would mean we'd get some really great material. The writers had all that time off, should have come up with a couple funny jokes, some inventive scenes. I watched the WGA shorts.

The brains were not dead on the picket lines.

The opening animation looked as though, well, the writers still had picket-elbow. But never mind.

Best Dress: Jennifer Garner. Honorable mentions go to Anne Hathaway (who made up for last year's Valentino bow-thing), Renee Zellweger, and Cameron Diaz (of whom I am not a fan, but she wore pink).

Worst Dress: Tilda Swinton. I respect her as an actress, but a black curtain? To the Oscars?

Best Moment: Falling Slowly winning the Oscar.

Worst Music Cue: Marketa Irglova getting cut off.

Best Moment Jon Stewart will EVER have: Letting Marketa Irglova give a lovely speach. You know she's nineteen? Younger than Ellen Page?

Best Surprise: Marion Cotillard for La Mome.

Best Joke: "Even Norbit got a nomination, which is great. Too often, the Academy ignores movies that aren't good."

Best Bump: Cate Blanchett, who actually looked pregnant (as opposed to between roles).

Best Idea I Had For a Joke: "If the WGA hadn't settled, Jack Black was set to re-shoot the clips for us."

Best Heals: Kristen Chenowith (who's like, 4'11" in stocking feet) in six inch platforms.

Best Flub: Cameron Diaz: Cinnamontography?

Best Hair Makeover: Javier Bardem

Best Visible Tattoo: Diablo Cody

Best Propoganda: Sid Ganis's reassurance that the Academy voters are serious, without bias, and understand butterfly ballots. Come one. We KNOW that the studios call academy members to talk up their pics.

Best Presentation: Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway.

Best moment from last year: (stupid oscar people won't let me embed the video, but it's so, so, so very worth it.)

All of this is a pleasant distraction from the writing/publishing world, which is causing me large amounts of stress at the moment.

Thank goodness for the Bavarian backup singers.

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