Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Us

A year ago today, I married my best friend.

A whole year has gone by - we've experienced the joy of moving in together, adjusting to a life routine, being introduced as "The Lodges." For Halloween, Danny was a contractor; I was a fairy (children's book to follow). We negotiated hiding places for Christmas presents and picking the right Valentine's Day card (for the first time EVER, I had a date on Valentine's). We've read through The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, Howl's Moving Castle and The Belgariad.

We figured out what to do when the Mormons knocked on the door (it's happened twice now). That it's okay to rent an action flick and a chick flick and watch both together.

I love this man I married, for a lot of different reasons.

1. He can fix anything, from cars to microwaves to children's bubble toys.
2. He makes a terrific paper airplane.
3. He can flip omelets and hashbrowns like a short order cook.
4. He wants to know and understand everything about the world around him.
5. His feet are ticklish.
6. He lets me eat his ice cream and drink his drinks.
7. He watched Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and the Emperor's New Groove with me.
8. He reads everything I write and talks about it with me.
9. He plays guitar and sings from his heart.
10. Most importantly, he loves me when I really don't deserve it.

There are quite a lot of other reaons, and I'm fairly sure this blog doesn't alot me the memory to write them all.

We've had a wonderful year, and I can't wait for the next.

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