Friday, September 22, 2017

New Etsy Shop & Graphic Giveaway!

Guess what - I’ve opened an Etsy shop! If you’re not one of the people who’s had their ear talked off about my love for graphic art and design, this might take you by surprise. (And if you have had your ear talked off, well, thank you for your patience!)

Social media changed between the releases of my second and third novels (Simply Sara and A Table by the Window, if you’re counting). I started designing my own marketing graphics during my first release with WaterBrook. In my post-college, pre-publishing days, I’d had a small photography business and had become more than passingly familiar with the art of photo editing. At first, making my own marketing graphics was a matter of adding text to images. 

But I also studied art in college, and markets such as The Hungry Jpeg and Creative Market introduced me to the joys of non-standard brushes and styles, and soon I was making my own artwork and custom pieces to give as gifts. I learned new skills and got faster and better. Well – faster at the doing. The deciding still takes time. 

Over the last couple years, I realized I’d built up a number of graphics in my stash, and I’d had friends and readers asking about purchasing prints. So – now that I’ve more or less settled into my new home and Jane of Austin is out in the world, I'm excited to make them available to everyone! 

To celebrate, I'm giving away a graphic each to two readers - use the form below to enter. Click the logo below to check out the shop!

 HillaryMakes Site
Which graphics are your favorites? Share in the comments below!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pumpkin Scones with Chai Glaze for Fall

Who's ready for fall? After a long - though admittedly mild, by southern standards - Memphis summer, I'm ready. And for about 48 hours, it felt like fall...and then it was back to highs in the 90's. So clearly, the solution is to make my own autumn, and that means homemade pumpkin scones.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jane of Austin - The Playlist!

Want to experience the music of Jane of Austin? I've put together a Spotify playlist with the songs and bands mentioned in the book, songs they listened to on their road trip, and music they might have heard at SxSW. Give it a listen - you might find some old favorites and make new discoveries! Click below to enjoy. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Restorative Chicken Soup

Most of the recipes that show up here are ones I've developed and tweaked, and this one is not different. But if you've got the current issue of Real Simple on your sofa, this'll look familiar. I was flipping through and found it the day Danny's parents arrived from Oregon, and thought, "we should eat that."